Meet Our Team


Javier Rivera-Rosales, Program Director

Since graduating from Sonoma State University, Javier has grown to understand that creating true community and acceptance for LGBTQ+ youth takes determination and effort. As a member of the community, he recognizes the crucial need to foster safe spaces where all feel supported. As Program Director, he is honored to share his experiences working with the SRJC Health Center and as one of the Intern Program Coordinators for the LGBT Center in San Francisco. His journey encompasses traditions, cultures, religion, and ethnicity, which brought him to the place he is today. He continues to ask the question he believes is essential to his values and moral character; “what does the world need from me?”

Michael Ellison, Program Assistant

Michael came out as a gay male in the spring of 2014. At the time he needed community and positivity regarding his sexuality. Starting as a member, he took the initiative to become a youth leader and Peer Counselor to continue to support himself and the community. Soon after becoming an alumnus, he joined the board of Positive Images to represent the voice of the membership. He recently stepped down as a board member, to take on the position of Program Assistant. He believes that Positive Images is a powerful organization and community for LGBTQ+ youth. As Program Assistant, Michael promises to do his best for Positive Images.

Nancy Vogl, Group Facilitator

Nancy joined Positive Images in 2000 as Co-Director with Jim Foster. As a youth development professional experienced in movement organizing, community engagement and the non-profit community, she brings her skills in communication, leadership development, service, grant writing, structure and process to help build the organization to its current success. A leader in second wave 70s feminism, she was one of the first lesbian-pride touring musicians. She currently enjoys her absolute favorite role as “Leadership Coach” for our youth-led team, envisioning and implementing all aspects of the Positive Images mission. Nancy still writes music and lives in Santa Rosa with her partner of 25 years.


Christian Sullberg – Chair

A long time resident of Sonoma County, born in Healdsburg, California, Christian opened his first pastry cafe Moustache Baked Goods at the age of twenty two. Since then his commitment has been creating pastry and menus that celebrate our region and farmers.After his feature on the Cooking Channel he embarked on his second project, Noble Folk Ice Cream & Pie. He is the driving force behind the creative team at Moustache & Noble Folk;  2016 has been a major milestone for both of his companies as they were selected as one of the Top 25 LGBTQ Businesses to work for in the Bay Area.

Adam Nicholson – Vice Chair

Adam is the Vice President of Professionals Services for ZeroChaos, a software and service company with $3 billion in annual revenue. In his role he oversees multiple departments; among them are Implementations, Independent Contractor Compliance, and S.O.W management. Adam has over 20 years of progressive management experience with proven expertise in Information Technology, Project Management, Contract Management, HR law, and strategic planning. As a father of three, Adam is deeply interested in Positive Images, because he believes his children should grow up feeling that it is OK to be who you are.

Francina Richardson – Treasurer

Francina is a nearly life long resident of Sonoma County.  She has been an active business woman having owned and successfully run several restaurants as well as the wholesale foods company known as La Casa Foods.  Having sold her restaurants and foods business in the late 1990s she has bought and sold commercial real estate and worked as a consultant in the purchase and sale of small businesses. Francina has been active in the volunteer community in Sonoma Valley.  She is the mother of two grown children and the grandmother of four.  Spending time in Siskiyou County at her second home is her favorite pass time.

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