Become a Youth Member


“Uh, what is a member?” “Do I need to join something?”

Visitors are always welcome at our meetings and each person decides how to identify themselves. Participants like to just call themselves “members” after simply attending a few meetings. It’s easy and reminds you that you’re connected to safe and supportive peers.

Positive Images meetings are held every Thursday evening between 7:00 and 9:00PM, 50 weeks of the year. There are many ways to participate in PI, from coming every Thursday night and not saying a word, to moving into leadership, including joining the Board of Directors. By coming to the meetings, you build skills that last a lifetime. The whole organization is open for personal exploration!

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Youth Leadership Team: Youth leadership positions rotate every three months, and these members lead the weekly meetings. ALL MEMBERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO SERVE ON THE LEADERSHIP TEAM! You can receive credit at Santa Rosa Junior College Community Involvement Program for serving on the leadership team – every 50 hours equals one college unit; this unit is multiplied into 3.3 high school credits. In addition to just being fun and rewarding, any leadership position is a great addition to your resume.


Co-Facilitators: Two members welcome the group each Thursday, lead the announcements, call on those who want to speak and, generally, keep the night flowing with emotional and physical safety.

Grounder: When many people bring the energy of their day into a room, it’s helpful to take one or two minutes to pull everyone’s energy together with a quick attention-grabber – from a quick meditation to a member’s poem read aloud, a little deep breathing, or live music.

Social Media: We always need tech-savvy members to help us keep our Facebook and Twitter current – looking alive. Gain technical experience and reach out to your community.

Committee Chair: If you get a bright idea simply bring it to leadership and propose your project or activity. When you share it with the leadership team they will help you flush out any bugs, then ask you to propose it to the whole group.

Historian: We need fab photographers! We have so many events and activities to document that if you like taking pictures, this is for you!

Greeter: When new people drop in, the Greeter makes them feel welcome and encourages them to ask any questions, etc. to help them feel more comfortable. Greeters also keep track of our membership attendance numbers.

Community Outreach Panels: This is one of the key activities PI contributes to the greater community each year. Presentations range from local high schools to the physicians and mental health professionals at Kaiser Hospital reaching 1400 to 2000 people through 40-50. Being on a panel is a fantastic way to help you express yourself, share your experiences and educate other youth and adults about “being gay”.